How to change Bissell vacuum belt it’s tested by Consumers [Jan. 2022]

You may plan regular maintenance or a fix for your out-of-order cleaner. You may need to change Bissell vacuum belt for your vacuum cleaner in either case.

Bissell vacuum cleaners are great at their performance. Needless to say, they are one of those brands that dominate the market. These machines are already long-lasting. However, to increase their performance, it is better if you maintain them on a regular basis. 

You may need to change Bissell vacuum belt or brush rollers in this process. And this is where a lot of people take a step backward. They often consider this a complicated process and time-consuming, thereby unfeasible. 

But that is not the case. The entire process can be executed in under 10 minutes, even if you are not a pro. And as you get the hang of this over time, the time required will decrease.

How to change Bissell vacuum belt it’s tested by Consumers

Why do you need to change Bissell Vacuum Belt?

There are two significant reasons why the users may need to change the vacuum belts. They are as follows:

  1. Regular maintenance for increased longevity

Doing regular maintenance of your Bissell vacuum cleaner is recommended if you want to increase the product’s lifespan. Doing this will ensure that the equipment inside will stay clean and function well. Owing to that, it will serve you for a more extended period. 

Furthermore, conducting a repair is not expensive. It is also recommended that you change your Bissell vacuum belt at least twice a year. To ensure the optimized performance of the unit, you need to maintain your brush roller and vacuum belt regularly.

  1. Making an out of order machine fully functional again

You may have a vacuum cleaner at home, which may be out of order (not functional). A common reason for such occasions is the vacuum belt becoming loose or broken. You may need to replace the old belt with a new one in such cases.

Tools that you will need to change Bissell vacuum cleaner belt

  1. Piece Magnetic Ratchet Screwdriver
How to change Bissell vacuum belt

This is a 41 piece screwdriver set that you can use for multiple purposes. Moreover, as there are a lot of heads of the screwdriver, you can use the same screwdriver for various purposes. This is made of durable chrome vanadium steel and has options for both forward and reverse ratchet.


  • Magnetic; hence screwdriver heads will not fall off.
  • It has three different modes: left, right, and fixed.


  • It cannot be used for too harsh and challenging mechanical work.
  1. Multi-purpose brush USA 9’inch 
How to change Bissell vacuum belt

This is a brush made with durable bristles and long-lasting material. It is especially great for cleaning woodwork leftovers and coffee grindings. Made with premium quality material, this brush will surely impress you with the performance.


  • Suitable for cleaning fibers and dust on the upholstery.
  • Bristles are tightly packed, so no chance of falling out.


  • May cause pain in hand due to excessive usage

Step-by-step instructions to change Bissell vacuum belt accurately. 

The general process of changing and replacing vacuum belts is not complicated at all. It is relatively simple and pretty much the same for all the models of Bissells. No matter whether you have a Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo or a Bissell CleanView vacuum cleaner. The process is the same for all.

Step 1: Disconnect the power supply

  • It is recommended to unplug the appliance from the wall socket or extension socket.
How to change Bissell vacuum belt

Step 2: Open up the replacement section

  • Place your Bissell vacuum cleaner lying upside down. This will put the Bissell belt and brush roller section on the upper side. 
How to change Bissell vacuum belt
  • Take a screwdriver and unscrew the back cover and open it up.

Pro Tip: Put all of the screws in a small container so that you do not lose them.

  • Scan the whole area with your eyes and take a picture just in case of any emergency.

Step 3: Get the brush roller out.

  • After having a thorough look at the inside of the system, gently get the brush roller out of its socket.
  • Check for any dust, dirt, or hair in that. If you find any, then remove it and clean the brush roller.
How to change Bissell vacuum belt
  • After examining, if you see that it does not look and work alright, then you need to replace it too.
  • Check the entire process to change the vacuum cleaner belt in the video provided below. 

Step 4: Change Bissell vacuum belt

  • In the very same process described in Step 3, you need to examine the Bissell vacuum belt too. 
How to change Bissell vacuum belt
  • If it seems to be loose or broken, then it should be replaced with a new vacuum belt.
  • To replace it, carefully take the old one out without hurting your fingers. 
  • Now take the new one and place it around the motor, in the same way, the old one was placed.
  • Now gently stretch it to the other side and fit it there too.

Step 5: Putting things back in place

  • After you are done replacing belt on Bissell vacuum cleaner, you have to put everything back.
  • Carefully check whether everything is properly placed back into position or not. 
  • Put the back cover on.
  • Screw all the screws one by one and ensure everything is appropriately fit.

And with this, you have successfully changed the Bissell Vacuum belt for your appliance. Now, if you are worried about finding the proper vacuum belt for your device, then you can think no more. Below, I have listed a couple of Bissell belts for you. Please have a look.

Bissell PowerForce Helix Belt Replacement

How to change Bissell vacuum belt

This Bissell PowerForce belt replacement is one of the most flexible options out there. It can be fitted with a massive series of the Bissell PowerForce model variants. 

You can check if this belt is compatible with your specific model or not. And if it doesn’t fit any variant written, you can contact the seller, and a set for you can be arranged.


  • Easy to install
  • It comes with two belts in a packet


  • It may break after a few rigorous uses.

Bissell CleanView Belt Replacement

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It is an excellent deal for extending the life of your Bissell Cleanview cleaner. It fits well with most of the common variants of the model. You can check your specific model and match it with the ones stated in the image to be more exact.


  • It is very durable.
  • Easy to install.


  • It may break if the belt is not fitted in the most appropriate way.


Learning the proper way to change Bissell vacuum belt is quite essential. It will indeed change your experience about the process as you do not have to carry the entire unit to the shop. It will help you save time on busy days and reduce your efforts. 

All you will need is a brush and a screwdriver to execute the process. Once you have both of these checkboxes checked, you can start it out right away. It may look overwhelming in the first place, but gradually you will gain complete control over it. Follow the steps I have mentioned, and you are good to go.

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